Because everyone needs community, especially leaders.

We believe every leader needs a Barnabas to believe in them.

"Barnabas" means son of encouragement. Without Barnabas, the young Pharisee Saul might never have become the Apostle Paul. Without Barnabas, John Mark might not have gotten a second chance and written the Gospel of Mark (Acts 4, 9, 15). The Barnabas Network is here to help you finish the race that God has called you to.

We curate premium experiences that will refresh your soul and give opportunities for community. Information and online registration are available for members and the Guest List.
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We create opportunities for you to build authentic friendships and receive regular care and prayer from our volunteer Community Team.

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We provide resources to help you live well and finish strong, including online courses, a podcast, blogs and referrals to trusted professional providers.

Who we serve

Barnabas Network is a community for men in leadership. We pour back into those who spend their lives pouring into others:

  • Pastors
  • NGO & Ministry Leaders
  • Kingdom-Minded Business Leaders
  • Missionaries & Chaplains

The ripple effect

Our mark represents our vision. We call it the ripple effect.

Circles within circles. No one but God at the center. The circles connect, forming targets. The outer circle is open, not closed. And the ripples of our impact together reach out toward nations and generations.


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Giving helps leaders finish the race that God has called them to.

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Because every leader needs people in their life who want something for them, not from them.

Barnabas Lodge

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Some Of Our Upcoming Retreats

We curate premium experiences that will refresh your soul and give opportunities for community. Members can log in to see more information and register online. If you're not yet a member, use the button below to Join The Guest List for complimentary access to our members area.

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Our Board

Paul Andrew

FOUNDER | Paul Andrew pioneered Barnabas Network in 2021, having invested the last twelve years in NYC pastoring Liberty Church, a global family of local church communities. 

Now, through Barnabas, he is creating a brotherhood to help men in leadership finish the race that God has called them to. 

He was born in Australia, has a heart for the nations, and is raising four young world-changers with his wife Andi in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Ben Smithee

Board Member

John Dowdey

Board Member

Greg Daley

Board Member

Meet Our Board

Proudly partnering with

Heath Rainwater

I met Paul at my first Refuge event and we became instant friends. Paul made a point of introducing me to everyone as “one of the good guys”. Never underestimate value of having people in your life who see and call out the best in you!

ND Strupler

The first question was, "What do you want and what do you need?“ It has been way too long since someone asked this question. During the next few days, I finally got a chance to answer these life-changing questions. It was just what I needed.

Tobi Atte

Paul as a man just has a spirit of open arms and encouragement. He has had a personal impact on my life. The retreat I attended with him changed me in so many ways. I saw myself and my ministry differently. Soul care is now something I am intentional about and seeing tremendous results from.